Solar Ultrasonic Animal & Bird Repeller Solar Sensor Garden Pest Chaser Rat Cat Dog Pigeon Deterrent Penghalau Haiwan
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Product Name: Solar Ultrasonic Animal & Bird Repeller

Type: Pest Repeller

Material: ABS Plastic

Product Dimensions (LxWxH): 13cm x 7.5cm x 16cm (Approx.)

Color Available: Green & Black



1. Infrared sensor angle & distance: 120 degrees, 33 ft.

2. Power supply: Solar power

3. If adapter plugged, the item will keep working, the PIR sensor will not work.

4. If there are a few days as cloudy or rainy, you can charge the item via the adapter.

5. Red LED: Indicates the unit is activated



-Eco-friendly & versatile, motion activated with sensitive PIR sensor

-Innovative dual color flashing lights and adjustable audible alarm

-IP64 waterproof, it can work at any conditions at outdoor

-Dual speaker design with extended degree for emitting sonic wave

-High efficient solar panel and advanced lithium battery with high capacity, can work continuously without charge again after installation


Package Included:

1x Pest Repller

1x Aluminium Stick (2 assemble into 1)

1x Micro USB Cable Charging

1x Manual



1. This product is No Warranty. It is Rainproof/Waterproof product but Cannot soak in the water!

2. Please use Normal Charger Adapter, avoid using Fast/Quick Charger Adapter as it will shorten the battery lifespan.

3. Before 1st use, please charge it to full battery. For Optimal Effect, tune the volume to the max.



Charging = Blue Light

Fully Charged = Light OFF (More or Less 3 hours to fully charge it)

Working = Red Light