Plant Slow Release Fertilizer Effervescent Tablets Baja Pokok Bunga Pelepasan Perlahan 植物营养缓释片
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Product Name: Plant Slow Release Fertilizer Effervescent Tablets

Product Quantity: Classic General 22pcs/bottle, Ferrous Sulfate 22pcs/bottle, MKP Fertilizer 20pcs/bottle

Note: The production date is printed on the bottle, not the expired date please do not worry.



1. Slow-release fertilizer:

This slow-release fertilizer is designed to provide plants with the essential nutrients needed for strong growth.


2. Effervescent tablets:

It comes in a bubble-forming granule form that dissolves slowly, providing a sustained release of nutrients over time.


3. Versatile:

Suitable for use on a wide range of plants, from potted indoor plants to outdoor flower beds and vegetable gardens.


4. Organic:

Made from all-natural ingredients, this fertilizer is safe for use on edible crops and won't harm beneficial organisms in the soil.


5. Balanced NPK:

Contains a balanced blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are the key macronutrients required by plants for healthy growth and development.



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