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Plant Growth Vitalizer 50ml Vitality Liquid Fertilizer Concentrated Nutrient Solution Baja Air Pekat 植物活力素
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Product Name: Plant Growth Vitalizer

Specification: 50ml

Shelf Life: 36 months

Note: The production date is printed on the bottle, not the expired date please do not worry.



-Contains a lot of phytonutrients

-Natural and organic, highly concentrated

-No peculiar smell, non-toxic, no precipitation

-Safe and non-toxic, no harm to children, pets or beneficial insects



-Promote buds and flowers

-Take root and strong seedlings

-Quick service

-Alleviate the downturn

-Specializing in stiff seedlings

-Improve vitality

-Improve photosynthesis


Apply to:

Ornamental plants, foliage plants, vegetable plants, fruit plants, herbs and other types of plants


How to Use:

~Watered at the roots:

10 drops of vitality liquid + 500ml of water, use once every 7-10 days

~Sprayed on the leaves:

10 drops of vitality liquid + 1000ml of water, use once every 7-10 days